Math Class Antics Pt. II

I had a really bad night at school tonight. Not only are we trying to cram the last couple of chapters in before the end of semester (we’re so behind) but I was having an episode. On top of that it seems that the conversation I had with Prof a couple of weeks back made it to the ears of the chatterbox crew.

Toward the end of class, Prof was handing out teacher performance evaluation papers. When he was giving the directions on how to fill them out properly he mentioned that there were a couple of things he’d like to do differently in class. One of those “women” (heh) yelled that he should separate them. And another said “Yeah, because someone can’t concentrate.” *giggle giggle laugh snort*

I’m not an idiot. I looked at her and said “That would be me, wouldn’t it?” As I’m not really the one to back down from that kind of obvious attempt at shaming me, I stared at her until she looked away. Because that was said prior to the teacher evaluation form being filled out by me, I made sure to mention that the professor showed no respect for the rest of the students because of that nonsense. I also noted that I’d had a private conversation with him and the information I’d shared with him was somehow passed on to a large portion of the class. I was livid to say the least. Not that those “women” thought it would be funny to try to make a scene, but that they found out about my complaint- and who did the complaining – at all. How completely unprofessional!

On top of that, he and another math instructor were discussing their pay rates and other students in front of our class. WTF? She (the other instructor) doesn’t care much for a particular group of students in her class and she was making that very, very clear. I’m pretty sure she made their work extra hard, but I could have misinterpreted that part. Still, to discuss that in front of students? What were these two smoking?

Unfortunately, this particular professor won’t be teaching any classes next semester. If he were going to do that I would make an appointment with the Assistant Dean to discuss this. As it is I don’t see the point. It’s almost the end of semester and I’ll be out of that damned class for good after that. Since there are only two options for the next math class, I’m sure I won’t be seeing that particular group again. I’ve decided to take the class of a more professional, and thusly more difficult, professor. I’m pretty sure that if a group of people behave in a way that disrupts the rest of the class this guy’s going to put an end to it. Those “women” won’t want to take a class where they’ll actually have to act like adults. OH NOES!

This is actually the first University class that I’ve had that the professor hasn’t had complete control of the class. Every other class that I’ve taken (and I’m not counting people sleeping in Intro to Web Tech. That’s just funny.) there has been a group that tested the limits and has been disbanded. I’m pretty sure one of the “women” from math tried that in my Psych class and Dr. Whatshisname made it very clear that if this group wanted to chit-chat he would be more than glad to give them an “F” for the semester and send them on their way. Put an end to that crap right now. I certainly wish that my math prof had acted in the same manner.

If he had I wouldn’t be sticking pins in this voodoo doll. Wonder if his butt hurts yet. Hmmm…